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Translation Services
Translation Services

International Effectiveness has its own in-house translators and proofreaders in several languages; all of our translators are HIPAA trained and compliant. In addition, we utilize the services of professional freelance translators when necessary.



IEC offers several forms of interpreting: Face-to-Face, Telephone and Video. Our interpreters have native-language fluency in more than 100 languages and ASL.



Our testing programs provide language proficiency evaluation and education to help individuals improve their skills in medical interpreting and general, cross-language communication.


Free Downloads

Right To An Interpreter

July 28, 2011

Understanding your rights and responsibilities when you need language services.

Sample Contract

April 18, 2011

CONTRACTOR will provide qualified trained healthcare interpreters in person with the following competencies and skills: Maintain and work within the State and National professional standards and ethics for Healthcare interpreters. Fluent in English and target language, appropriately qualified in Sign language, extensive knowledge of human anatomy, medical terminology, medical diagnosis and disease process, experience in the triadic method of interpreting, experience assuming the four roles of the interpreter: conduit, clarifier, advocate and cultural broker. Medical translation skills in both languages if applicable. Contracted interpreters must exhibit appearance, conduct and provide superior customer service to patients/families and providers. Translation of documents will include proofreading/editing. Final translation will include a legal Certificate of Accuracy with the names of the translator and editor.

Business Associate

April 18, 2011

This HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (“BA Agreement”) amends, supplements, and is made a part of the Agreement (“Agreement”) entered with Client (“CLIENT”) and International Effectiveness Centers (“BUSINESS ASSOCIATE”) and is effective as of the effective date of that Agreement (the “BA Agreement Effective Date”).

Point To Your Language

April 18, 2011

A useful form created to help non English speaking people request interpreter services in their native language. "Point To Your Language. We will get you an interpreter," is displayed in 24 languages.

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