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Would you like a fascinating career with our great group of interpreters?

If you are a professional interpreter, working with International Effectiveness Centers offers you the same personal attention that our customers enjoy.

We are proud to offer the finest interpreting services. If you are interested in joining our interpreting team, please contact us at:

(Toll Free) 800-292-9246 or e-mail us at

We have three types of working arrangements with interpreters:

  • We employ staff interpreters full or part-time.
  • We subcontract with interpreters in private practice for fixed-schedule assignments.
  • We subcontract with interpreters in private practice for assignments as needed.

Please read the following guidelines so you are apprised of our policies and the necessary qualifications for working with us. Closely observing these guidelines will help create a mutually trusting and fulfilling work environment for you, the interpreter, for IEC, and for our customers.

Definition of an Independent Contractor

Most interpreters working for IEC are independent professional contractors in private practice, meaning they are not employees of IEC. We do not withhold taxes from their pay. An independent contractor must provide his or her own liability, disability, and health insurance coverage, as well as Workers Compensation Insurance. If you do not have your own Workers Compensation insurance, you will automatically be covered by ours, and the premium will be deducted from your pay. At present, this is .75 cents per $1.00 (less than a penny) IEC is required by law to provide independent contractors earning more than $600 in a calendar year with a 1099 tax form by January 31 of the following year. If you are an independent contractor, you should understand how you are viewed from the Internal Revenue Service's perspective and from IEC's perspective:

  • An independent contractor is the master of his or her own time.
  • An independent contractor can work when and for whom he or she chooses.
  • An independent contractor makes his or her services available to the general public.
  • An independent contractor generally gives his or her services to two or more different businesses at the same time.
  • An independent contractor is paid by the assignment.
  • An independent contractor who agrees to complete an assignment is legally obligated to provide compensation for failure to complete it.
  • An independent contractor builds costs such as meals and transportation into the billing price of an assignment.
  • An independent contractor is responsible for his or her own training.
  • An independent contractor cannot be fired as long as he or she produces the result that meets the requirements of the assignment for which he or she was hired.

We realize that independent professional contractors are not dedicated to us exclusively, and IEC abides by the IRS rules for conducting business with independent contractors. We feel that it is important for you to understand those rules as well.

IEC is proud to offer the finest interpreting services. If you are interested in joining our interpreting team, please contact us at: 800-292-9246 or email us at Thank you for your interest in IEC. We are eager to hear from you!

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