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Billing & Payment

We pay interpreters by the assignment, according to the number of hours worked. As an independent contractor, each interpreter negotiates his or her hourly rate or assignment rate with IEC.

Please check with IEC as to the minimum time paid per assignment.

We make payments to independent professional contractors on a monthly schedule.

The cost of gas, parking, food, and other business expenses will not be reimbursed to independent professional contractors. You should account for these items in your hourly or assignment rate. (We do not generally bill our customers for these costs.) Occasionally, a unique situation will warrant the inclusion of such expenses, but you must negotiate these special arrangements with IEC on a case-by-case basis.


When an assignment runs over the scheduled time period, you, as an independent professional contractor, may choose to stay or leave. If you decide to leave, please do so graciously and professionally. If you anticipate that a meeting may run late, it is always best to forewarn the customers, as well as the contact person, of your time constraints. If you are able to stay, you should be reasonably sure that the customer has authorization for the additional cost of your services. Use your best judgment and check with the contact person whenever possible.

It is important that you call IEC within 24 hours of the assignment to report the actual ending time of any assignment that is completed after the scheduled time. Otherwise, we will not accept the additional time submitted on your invoice. We must know the exact number of overtime hours in order to accurately bill the customer.

As a general rule, all information affecting billing must be reported to IEC within 24 hours.

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