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Language interpreters function as a resource to facilitate communication between individuals. It is an interpreter's job to convey the content and spirit of any message as accurately as possible, whether the message originates in a spoken language or ASL. There are three musts for a qualified interpreter: 

  1. An interpreter must be skilled in the languages they work with, or ASL, and able to render any message faithfully.
  2. An interpreter must be versatile, that is, able to adapt to the needs of the people he or she is serving.
  3. An interpreter must be professional, never obtrusive, disrespectful or biased, and mindful that his or her basic role is to facilitate communication and to provide cultural and linguistic mediation.


We expect all interpreters to reflect good taste and professionalism in their dress. As a general rule, your attire should be comparable to that of the main speakers of the event you are interpreting. Jeans and other casual clothes are almost never appropriate.

Getting to Assignments

As an independent professional contractor, you are responsible for getting to all assignments on time. Call the contact person in advance for directions and information about typical traffic patterns, BART or bus routes, taxi availability, and other transportation issues. Be forewarned that directions can be confusing or even incorrect at times. For this reason, we strongly urge you to use reliable maps to understand where you are going.

Customer Cancellations and "No-Shows"

If you arrive on-site and your assignment has been cancelled, the customer may use your services for another assignment during the same time period at the same site. If your services are not needed, IEC asks that you call us immediately and make yourself available for other assignments. If there are other assignments open, we would appreciate your taking an alternate one. If IEC cancels an assignment giving you at least 48-hours notice, you will not be paid.

Interpreter Cancellations and "No-Shows"

We understand that unexpected illnesses, emergencies, and mishaps arise. If one occurs, please contact IEC as soon as possible so we can attempt to locate a replacement for you or reschedule the assignment. If, as an independent contractor, you fail to appear for an assignment you have accepted, and neither you nor IEC can find a suitable replacement, or if you arrive disruptively late, we will expect you to provide complimentary interpreting services for a similar assignment to the same customer in order to restore good faith between the customer, yourself, and IEC. If you are habitually late or prone to cancelling assignments frequently, we may elect not to do business with you.

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