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Assessing Your Interpreters

Do you have a need for testing your interpreters?

Here at International Effectiveness Centers, we can test and evaluate the skills of your interpreters. If your employees need additional training to become more proficient at interpreting, IEC can help.

The following areas will be assessed:

  • Ability to interpret accurately using the protocols of a Health Care Interpreter
  • Ability to identify any barrier that could lead to confusion between clinician and patient
  • General knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human body
  • General knowledge of medical procedures and protocols
  • Knowledge of the Interpreter Code of Ethics, Roles of an Interpreter and Forms of Interpreting

This Study Guide is designed to help you prepare for the Professional Interpreter Assessment. Once enrolled, you will receive the following materials:

  • Protocols for on-site interpreting
  • Medical glossaries

The Professional Interpreter Assessment is comprised of three parts:

I. Language Proficiency

Fluency in English (pronunciation, good oral and written understanding, and proper use of grammar)

Fluency in the language(s) of service

II. Health Care Interpreting Skills

Modes of Interpreting

Sight Translation
Telephone Interpreting

Ethical Principles

Cultural Awareness
Respect for Individuals and Communities

Roles of the Interpreter

Message Clarifier
Cultural Broker

Interpreting Techniques

Memory Exercises
Direct Interpreting (Using “You and I”)
Preparation of terms


Before the session
During the session
After the session

III. Medical Terminology

Circulatory and Lymphatic System:

Anatomy of the heart, veins and arteries
Anatomy of the lymphatic system
Physiology of the circulatory system
Physiology of the lymphatic system
Blood constituents
Common diseases and anomalies
Common procedures

Respiratory System:

Anatomy of the respiratory system (nose, trachea, etc.)
Physiology of the respiratory system
Common diseases and anomalies
Common procedures

Reproductive System:

Female anatomy
Female physiology
Common diseases and anomalies
Common procedures
Male anatomy
Male Physiology
Common diseases and anomalies    
Common procedures
Sexually transmitted infections

Endocrine System

Anatomy of the different endocrine glands
Hormones and function
Common diseases and anomalies
Common procedures

Nervous System

Anatomy of the nervous system
Cells of the nervous system
Physiology of the nervous system
Common diseases and anomalies
Common procedures

Renal System

Anatomy of the renal system (stating the differences between the female and male system)
Physiology of the renal system
Common diseases and anomalies
Common procedures


Anatomy of the eye
Physiology of vision
Common diseases and anomalies
Common procedures


Anatomy of the ear, nose and throat
Physiology of audition
Common diseases and anomalies
Common procedures


Common syndromes and diseases
Common procedures


Common complications
Common procedures

This program meets the guidelines of the California Health Care Interpreters Association (CHIA) and the National Standards of the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care (NCIHC).

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